Campus Placements
Made Easier

Managing campus placements is not easy. We get that.
That's why we built a platform to take care of all your needs.

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Automate Placement Management

Get rid of countless Excel sheets, keep students up-to-date and get instant reports and focus on what matters.
Spend time on guiding students and building company relations

Seamless Student Data Management

Filter students based on courses and various scores, verify their information, see active applications and complete placement process history of a student.

Send SMS, email or mobile app notifications to a specific set of students. Alerts and reminders are automatically sent to all concerned students when any deadline approaches.

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Zero-hassle Placements

Campus Drive management —
never been so easy

Specify complex eligibility criteria for job profiles during company campus drives. Invite applications from students before a deadline, manage hiring workflow, announce venue and timings and share documents with students.

Easily manage list of applicants, see students' progress through different stages of hiring. Export list of applicants to Excel and download all resumes as zip

To know more about tnpsuite, see the full list of features

IIEST, Shibpur
KIIT, Bhubaneswar
NERIST, Nirjuli
KLU, Vijayawada
NHCE, Bangalore
SSIM, Hyderabad
RCET, Bhilai
CBIT, Hyderabad
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